North Darfur State

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Name :Sudanese Red Crescent Society – North Darfur State

Location: Alfashir

Tel:  00249 731843832

Fax: 00249731848861


Units: 6units

Volunteers: 6714 volunteers

Notes: if you want to get training services from the branch, please call number 0918051650


The branch is implementing many activities in various fields, including health activities, such as first aid, home nursing, primary health care in all localities of the state, in addition to AIDS control , national community health volunteer programme, blood donation, emergency health, road safety project,  environmental sanitation program which implements a weekly campaigns cleaner and spraying to combat mosquitoes, as well as disasters preparedness and response, food and non food items distribution, food security, dissemination of the International Humanitarian Law (IHL), tracing and restoring family links.

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